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4 More Years - Halton Hills Election Results

4 more years - Election results

The 2018 Municipal Elections have finally come to an end.

In what may have been the most inflammatory Municipal election in recent memory, with fiery debates, social media quarrels, and “don’t re-elect” signs, the people have spoken, while 29.42% of them at least, and their response was, 4 more years.

All of the incumbents in Halton Hills will be making a return minus Dave Kentner who will be replaced by Wendy Farrow-Reed in Ward 3, defeating Dave by over 600 votes.

Mayor Rick Bonnette will continue his role in office after receiving an outstanding 80.35% of the vote. “I feel very good, it’s a solid mandate, I mean we got 80% of the vote, so that’s a solid mandate, and at the same time, I'm very humbled that the citizens of this town put trust in me for another 4 years”, said Mayor Bonnette, he went on to tell us about his key issues to focus on in the next 4 years, “ one is going to be Vision Georgetown, and Vision Georgetown is in the next couple years, its going to be the influx of population coming in, we have a secondary plan, but it still has to be approved at the region. I’m still going to advocate like I’ve always done for the 2 way all day GO service, and Cannabis is going to be something we’re going to be dealing with. That is probably going to be one of the key issues very early in the term, but we are going to have a lot of public consultation”.For Ward 1 in Acton, Councillor Jon Hurst and Councillor Mike Albano will be making a return, with Jon beating Mike by only 1 vote. “It feels great” said Mike, “It’s great to see both incumbents got in tonight, and we both almost got the same amount of votes, Jon ended UP with one extra vote, so we must be doing right together”. Jon said “It’s great to see Mike and myself are relatively tied, you know we worked together, we went door to door together, so it feels good that were virtually tied”.We asked Jon and Mike about their key issues for his UPcoming term, “There are a number of projects and a number of things rather we left on the table”, Mike went on “Churchill Road, the units going through, to move those forward”, he also mentioned about the traffic study, and to keep advocating on issues he campaigned on such as affordable housing, long term care facilities, traffic concerns and art. Jon echoed Mike in his responses “Traffic and trucks and travelling downtown, followed by housing for seniors and long term care and affordable housing”

Praise was also given to the other candidates in their hard fought campaigns, “As for the other candidates, I think they really brought a lot to the table, as far as energizing the overall course of the election”, said Councillor Hurst.4 more years ( Councillors Jon Hurst, Mike Albano, Clark Somerville, Ted Brown, Bryan Lewis, with Mayor Rick Bonnette)

You can see full election results below.

Halton Hills Municipal Election Results

Mayoral Candidates

(Winner) Rick Bonnette 10108 votes 80.35%

Robert Gottardi 1864 votes 14.82%

James Waldbusser 608 votes 4.83%

Regional Councillor -Wards 1 and 2

(Acclaimed) Clark Somerville

Regional Councillor - Wards 3 and 4

(Winner) Jane Fogal 4840 votes 62.02

John Cooke 1871 votes 23.97%

E. Mark Lockwood 1093 votes 14.01%

Ward 1

(Winner) Mike Albano 1237 28.31%

(Winner) Jon Hurst 1238 28.31%

Jamie Adams 824 votes 18.86%

Peter Duncanson 604 votes 13.82%

Ryan McLaughlin 466 votes 10.67%

Ward 2

(Winner) Bryan Lewis 1236 votes 36.11%

(Winner) Ted Brown 1399 votes % 40.87

Geoff Maltby 788 votes 23.02%

Ward 3

(Winner)Wendy Farrow Reed 2014 votes 31.38%

(Winner) Moya Johnson 1580 votes 24.62%

Dave Kentner 1331 votes 20.74%

Patrick Cryan 878 votes 13.68%

Randy Kerman 615 votes 9.58%

Ward 4

(Winner) Ann Lawlor 2047 26.17

(Winner) Bob Inglis 1922 24.57

D’arcy Keene 1577 20.16%

Kim Roy 1148 14.67

Ron Norris 761 9.73%

Abe Verghis 368 votes 4.70%

Regional Chair

(Winner) Gary Carr 7659 votes %65.01

Anne Marsden 4122 votes %34

Halton District School board

Jeanne Gray 6517 votes 74.43%

Shari White 2239 votes 25.57%

Halton Catholic District School Board

(Winner) Janet O’Hearn Czarnota 1410 votes 54.38

Daniel Dragicevic 1183 votes 45.62%

Consent scolaire Viamonde Trustee

(Winner) Pierre Girouard 18 votes, 81.82%

Denis S. Frawley 4 votes 18.18%

Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir

(Acclaimed) Dominque Janssens


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