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Alarm Causes Evacuation at Georgetown Marketplace

Alarm causes evacuation at Georgetown Marketplace On June 30, at approximately 2:45 p.m. an alarm at the Georgetown Marketplace was activated, which led to an evacuation of the mall and triggered a call to Halton Hills Fire Department, whom quickly arrived on scene. “The fire safety code calls for the evacuation of the building” explained Halton Hills Fire Department Chief, Harry Oliveri. “That is part of the procedure to maintain the safety of the public”. However there was no fire or real cause for the alarm at the mall. Early reports on what happened were conflicting. “One of the security guards just told me that, apparently a kid pulled the fire alarm over near indigo I think”, said Arielle Rahal, employee at Showcase located within the mall. On the day of, Security and Management still needed to conduct their investigation into what happened. “Its gonna be bad a quote cause we don’t really know yet, we still need to check the cameras, and management will be in on Tuesday”, said Harvinder Singh, Security at Georgetown Marketplace. Following UP later with Management, subsequent to them checking their cameras and concluding their investigation, it seems the alarm was just an accident, and was not a child, but in fact a senior. “All it was, was a senior exiting the mall, and I think, to us, watching our video, it looks like they thought it was the handicapped button and they hit it, and then they kinda looked around and left,” said Wendy Weatherall, Assistant Property Manager for the Georgetown Marketplace. “It was definitely an older senior and she just accidentally hit it, didn’t even realize she did it.” After Fire Fighters conducted their investigation and determined there was no threat, mall patrons were able to re-enter and continue their shopping.


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