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Black Bear Tranquilized and Relocated from Residential Halton Hills Area

HALTON HILLS - After a day filled with multiple sightings across Halton Hills and surrounding areas, the roaming black bear saga came to an end. According to the Staff Sergeant of Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) District One, "The Ministry of Natural Resources responded and the bear was tranquillized and removed from the tree safely. They are relocating it." As to the specifics of where it's being relocated, the officer was unaware of the details.

The drama unfolded as the bear traversed residential neighbourhoods, parking lots, and even Georgetown District High School. The situation was described as "really an interesting thing, a really busy time in a residential area in south Georgetown with lots of pedestrians and vehicles and right near houses," by the Staff Sergeant.

The bear was ultimately located at the intersection of McKinnon Avenue and Barber Drive Park, where it was safely tranquillized and relocated by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

According to the HRPS Staff Sergeant, the department received "a huge influx of calls from residents that there was a bear running down the street, entering into plaza lots. The bear did not appear to be aggressive, but rather frightened and lost. The situation reached a climax when, just before police arrival, the bear ascended a tree. Police were then able to contain the area until the Ministry of Natural Resources arrived."

The emergency services were dispatched just after 6:20 pm, indicating that the situation spanned the course of the day, from the bear's first sighting in the early morning hours at Georgetown District High School to the relocation operation in the evening.

While the bear's new location remains undisclosed, residents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it has been safely removed from populated areas.


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