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Cannabis Q&A : Bryan Lewis

1. Have you ever used Cannabis? And if so, what did you think of it?


2. What is your current stance on Cannabis?

It is coming to a neighbourhood near you. Let us prepare in the best interest of user and non-user.

3. Would you vote for Halton Hills to opt in, or opt out, or wait to opt in of the new legislation?

Opt in.

4. What is your opinion on Cannabis vs. Alcohol? Do you find one substance to be better, more harmful, or equal?

If abused, both are/will be bad. Health concerns of both must be addressed. MUCH to be clarified before any process is stamped “final” for u]our community. I attended a seminar i[on this topic while in Ottawa and listening to Government Personnel; Police Chief; CAO Of Town and Clerk Of a Community.....I am still searching for answers and clarity on many topics presented.

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