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Fairy Lake Dam Reconstruction Under Way

Fairy Lake is located within Acton at the headwaters of Black Creek. It is surrounded by parks, residential areas, natural open spaces, the Legion, and two campgrounds. A 2010 water quality study by the town determined that the lake is more of a “wetland” with an average depth of one meter. The town plans to review this study in 2020 to determine next steps and priorities in the ongoing management of Fairy Lake. According to, “The Province of Ontario announced that this year the Town of Halton Hills will receive $1,598,576 from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund for use on improvements to roads, bridges, water and wastewater.” This money is being spread over several projects including bridge repairs on Mountainview Road, Longfield subdivision streetlight replacement, and Contract No.: T-003-20 - “Fairy Lake dam repair, leakage mitigation and dam deck renovation.” Acton UP reached out to the Town of Halton Hills and Alex Fuller, Director of Communications, had this to say. “The rehabilitation is a Region-funded project, but Town-led as the dam is Town-owned. The project related to the water taking expansion planned for Prospect Park. The dam rehabilitation will involve concrete repairs, the replacement of the existing wood stop logs, and a new clay liner at the bottom of the lake, immediately upstream of the dam. The water elevation in Fairy Lake will not change and stop logs will be set to an elevation to ensure that the flow into Black Creek is maintained, as this benefits the natural environment downstream of the dam. As part of the project, the Town also is installing an armour stone retaining wall to help support the slope between the dam and Mill Street West. The Region’s share is $617,364.70 and the Town’s share is $246,502.50.” According to the bid information this work was also to entail “work under a Provisional Contract involves the renovation of the Fairy Lake Deck that shall include but not be limited to the removal of the deck structure including nine piers, paver area, decking, railings and framing, the supply and installation of the Deck Structure including but not limited to structural framing, decking, railing, concrete pad and minor vegetation.” Fuller explains “Rec and Parks are replacing the wooden viewing deck over the dam but due to COVID-19 supply issues, the work will be next spring; cost is just over $70K.” The work is being completed by local contractor, R&M Construction along Mill Street, across from P&H Milling in Acton. The construction is aligned with Halton Region’s Fairy Lake Dam improvement and supports safety and protects adjacent properties from future damage. The Credit Valley Conservation Authority agrees with the planned works. The work is expected to be completed by mid-September.


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