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Go Fund Me for Injured Georgetown Final Order Motorcycle Club President

Motorcycles and motorcycle clubs sometimes get a bad rap. But the Final Order Riding Club from Georgetown works hard at changing that vision hosting charity events where there is need. In the past they have hosted Christmas toy drives, fire victim support, and their annual anti-bullying ride which supports a local youth and the Special Olympics.

Now one of their own, the club President, Mark Gagne, is the one in need.

Vic Placido tells Acton Up, “Mark was riding with another club member on Friday, October 23. At approximately 3 p.m. he collided with a truck and horse trailer at the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 9.“

Mark was first taken to hospital in Orangeville, but the extent of his injuries required him to be transported to St Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Air-lifting was not an option as the weather deteriorated, therefore he was transported by land ambulance.

“While the extent of his injuries is unknown, they are definitely life altering,” Placido explained. He started the Go Fund Me to help support Mark and his family, as Mark is unable to work as a Wide-Load truck operator and he is expected to be in hospital for two or more months.

The page is doing well, raising over $5000 in two days but is far from its goal of $25000. If you would like to support Mark, who spent much of his time supporting others, please visit

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