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Learn by Fire - Young Halton Women Attend Blaze Fire Academy

The Halton Fire Camp to Inspire Young Girls

Last week, 26 female youth from across Halton got the chance to experience firefighting and learn various techniques used by firefighters to save lives.

The Burlington, Milton, and Halton Hills Fire Department has collaborated on an academy camp program that encourages young women to explore their careers in the fire services. Blaze Fire Academy and is meant for young women between the ages of fifteen and eighteen and was held from August 10th to 11th.

Chief Boissonneault has been the Chief of Oakville since 2020 and alongside the other Fire Chiefs of Halton organized Blaze Fire Academy in order to teach every aspect of the firefighting career such as fire prevention, fire inspection, and code enforcement. Chief Boissoneault comments,

“It is a camp for all! It provides an opportunity for people to develop an interest in a firefighting career or at the very least really have an amazing experience, and push themselves outside their comfort zone.”

Chief Boissonneault shares that there will be “next step pieces” that are integral for individuals looking to further their careers. There will be guest speakers such as successful Chief Officers, strong female leaders who provide mentorship to the camp girls and meeting Halton Fire Chiefs. “Colleges will also be attending,” explains Chief Boissonneault, “Humber and Seneca will be on the site and will be providing them next step information.”

The Halton Fire Chiefs were keen to host this program in the summer so that none of the students participating schooling would be affected. “Some students are in grade eleven or grade twelve and they have heavy academic course work that they cannot afford to miss.”

Blaze Fire Academy's goal is to create a safe and fun environment for all to participate in and learn something new. It is important to the Halton Fire Chief’s to encourage young women to join in typically male dominated rolls to create a equal and fair space for girls to develop unique skills and get involved with firefighting training.

“We will splitting the girls up into platoons, that will be all intermixed. So they may be from Oakville but they’ll meet others from Burlington.The uniqueness is, Oakville is a career only department, but Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills have volunteer departments. So it doesn’t have to be a career for the girls, they can always volunteer if they’d like as well.”

After the two days training, there was a formal graduation and each girl received a certificate of completion that has been signed by each Fire Chief of Halton. “This initiative is also supported by all the different councils and administrative teams of the four municipalities.” Explains Chief Boissonneault, “ I think that speaks volumes, that we all know were on the right track. It is our vision to be a fire survive for all.”

More information regarding the Blaze Fire Academy can be found on their Oakville page, here. Halton Hills Fire Department Twitter

Burlington Fire Department Twitter

Oakville Fire Department Twitter

Milton Fire Department Twitter


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