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Legion News (24/09/21)

Elvis has left the building. However, he did promise to return in December. Our attempt to create a dinner theatre atmosphere for an Elvis tribute concert, turned into a huge success has tribute artist Steve Michaels played to a sold-out crowd on Monday September 20th. Covid regulations forced us to restrict our numbers but did not dampen the enthusiasm created by Elvis followers. Kudos to Anne Horne and her outstanding team for making the place fit for a king.

There was one small hitch that almost threatened to ruin the day, when the extractor fans in the kitchen failed. Luckily, we called on Lyle Prueter, who arrived quickly and worked with Jim Horne to save the day. Thanks guys !!

During the concert, we took the opportunity to celebrate our 90th anniversary as we welcomed dignitaries from Dominion command, District command and Zone along with representation from the town of Halton Hills. President Wes Kutasienski was present with a plaque by councillor Jon Hurst as well as a Legion framed certificate presented by our district commander, Diane Condon.

On September 11th, we held annual golf tournament and what a terrific day it turned out to be, great weather, good golfing, and the meal was outstanding Salute to Keith and his team for a superb dinner and thanks to Davy Lewis and Dave McLean for all your hard work. Still on sports, Dave McLean is gathering covid protocol data and plans to meet with the various darts and card League co-ordinators with the idea of resuming their activities in some form or another. It is difficult to keep up with all the new regulations, so please bear with us.

Lynda is planning to continue offering Saturday entertainment along with food, providing she can get the volunteers.

Please check the webpage at, and in addition we will be posting information on Social- Media.

David Maloney is the public relations officer for the Acton Legion, Branch 197. He can be reached at




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