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Legion News (December 2022)

Laura tells me that this years Poppy Drive brought in $11,800.00. Special thanks go out to Keith Andrews, Dave McLean and Lori Savage who spearhead the campaign and of course both our Cadet groups for their work in staffing the various stations.

Once again, we received more than a hundred entries in the Remembrance Day Poster and Literary contest, making it exceedingly difficult for the judges to pick the winners. Here is a list of winners who will be invited to a special awards night in January 2023 :

Schools code : St Joseph (SJ) Robert Little (RL) McKenzie-Smith Bennett (MSB) Acton High (ADH)

Primary Coloured :

1st Peyton Carr (RL) 2nd Holden d’Entremont 3rd. (SJ) Walter Philbrook (SJ) HM Teodor Ianowski (SJ).

Junior (Coloured) :

1st Rory Parker (SJ) 2nd Chloe MacNeil (RL) 3rd Caleigh Bastarche-MacPherson (RL)

Junior B&W :

1st Kristina Nincevic (SJ) 2nd Andrew Weglicki (SJ) 3rd Sara Alkhourly HM Oliver Szyc

Intermediate Coloured :

1st KSigbubemi Kwani (SJ) 2nd Austin Hunak (SJ) 3rd Pena Tre-Anthony (MSB) HM Jordyn Paul (SJ)

Intermediate B&W :

1st Varyn Shoemaker (ADH) 2nd Emma Fletcher (SJ) 3rd Gabriel Dankewski

Junior Poetry :

1st Quinn Lucko (RL)

Junior Essay :

1st Justin Murphy (RL) 2nd Caleigh Bastarche-MacPherson (RL) 3rd McKenna Worby (RL)

Intermediate Poetry :

1st Autumn Barr (SJ) 2nd Vincent Stade (SJ) 3rd Dianna Fernandes (SJ)

Intermediate Essay :

1st Jake Knight (SJ) 2nd Gabriel Dabrowski (SJ) Arisha Sajida Inayat Luna Amin (SJ) HM Sophie Waite (SJ)

On November 25th for the golfer’s appreciation night, we had a sellout crowd who were entertained by local band Saltwater Cowboys, and those cowboys really had the place rockin.

Another local band will take the stage on New Years Eve when we host Scarecrow (almost John Mellencamp). Tickets are on sale now so make sure you have one.

Peggy passes on the following message to all our members : On behalf of the executive and members , I would like to wish everyone a Merry

Christmas and a happy new year. We hope to see everyone at the President's levee on January 1st.

Please check the webpage at, and in addition we will be posting information on Social- Media.

David Maloney is the public relations officer for the Acton Legion, Branch 197. He can be reached at




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