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Proposed Construction on Young Street in Acton

Proposed Construction on Young Street in Acton

On January 29, the town hosted a Public Information Centre meeting regarding the Young Street (Acton) reconstruction at the Acton Arena.

Acton UP spoke with Halton Hills Supervisor of Construction, Teri Hoey, at the meeting. She indicated that this is reconstruction work along Young Street between Eastern Avenue and the Metrolinx tracks. The work will address repair work to the storm sewer on the north side of the street, install tactile warning plates in the area of the railway crossing, and properly pave this section following the original 2018 construction.

The proposal also includes changes to the lane markings where parking will be on the south side only, then a bike lane, two opposing lanes of traffic and another bike lane on the north side.

In anticipation of a June start, the project goes to tender on March 5 and to council in early May. Comments can be directed to Aaron Brown, Project Manager, Town of Halton Hills. His email address is All comments will be maintained on file for use during final design and construction.


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