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Pulling straws, Acton Horticultural Society phases out plastic straws

The Acton Horticultural Society has a new initiative. In response to both local and international support for the phasing out of one-use plastic straws, the organization is introducing reusable, metal straws with cleaners, as a fundraiser.Jennifer Somerville, one of the members of the Society, said “It was one of the fundraisers for our area, and I just decided I wanted to take it a little further, so I asked if I could have extras and sell them locally”.

Due to the weakness of the material used to make them, plastic straws are one of the great contributors of micro plastics - small pieces of plastic that negatively affect the environment and wildlife.Starbucks recently announced they were planning on phasing out straws by 2020. Hotel giant Marriott has announced that they plan on saving one billion straws by stopping their use in over 6,500 of their properties worldwide. Meanwhile, more close to home, Acton’s own Tanners Pub and Grill has ceased use of plastic straws in their restaurant.

The Horticultural Society’s metal straws cost $6 for 2 straws and a cleaner and are available now. For more information check out the Horticulture Society’s Facebook or watch the interview below...


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