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Region Report Shows COVID-19 Curve Flattening

No new deaths in almost two months.

Halton Region's Covid-19 surveillance report shows the curve is indeed flattening. It might be too early to say the worst is behind us, but the stats are brightening; see here:

The number of new cases appears to be stabilizing with just four new cases in Halton Hills this week, and the number of active cases in the Region diminishing weekly. Compare this to the first two weeks of April in Halton Hills when new cases, hospitalizations and deaths were spiking exponentially. Currently, out the 163 confirmed and probable cases, only six remain active.

As well, no new deaths due to the virus have been recorded in Halton Region since early May. Unfortunately 16 of the 25 deaths from Covid occurred in Halton residents aged 80 or older. The 10 elder fatalities in Halton Hills were associated with and outbreak at the long-term care Mountainview Residence in Georgetown.

Another variable charted by the survey indicates that most of the 839 confirmed and probabilities occurred in the 40-59 age group (293), with 20-39 year-olds running a close second (220). Women outnumber the men in this category, as 468 or 56% of the cases were female.

Halton Region is also doing significantly better at avoiding Covid-19 in most age groups when compared to the rest of Ontario. For instance, Halton has 37.6% case rate per 1,000 residents aged 80 and over, while the provincial average is much high are 86.6 cases per 10,000. Similarly in the 20-39 year old classification, Halton's 13.7% per 10,000 is much better than the Ontario average of 24.8%.


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