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Safer trucks equate to safer roads during Safe Start

On September 8, 2020, the Halton Regional Police Service's Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Unit deployed to area roadways in support Project Safe Start, an annual road safety initiative. While conducting patrols on Dundas Street across the region, officers conducted three separate traffic stops and inspections of large commercial vehicles, all within 500 meters of an area school. Inspections found serious defects, leading to each vehicle's licence plates being removed and the truck being declared 'unfit' with the Ministry of Transport. A combined 13 charges were laid. "Yesterday's enforcement serves as a reminder that much work remains to be done to ensure commercial motor vehicle owners and drivers do their part to ensure their vehicles are safe. Commercial motor vehicles can be seen across our region, including areas in close proximity to schools where our children and community members congregate," noted Sergeant Ryan Snow, Traffic Services Unit. "Commercial truck operators ensuring mechanically fit, securely loaded and safely operated vehicles remains the law. As always, safer trucks equate to safer roads." Details of each truck inspection: Inspection #1: Dundas Street at Bronte Road, Oakville, near Holy Trinity Catholic High School. A truck hauling a wide load of 88,000 pounds of steel was stopped and found to have a cracked wheel rim, bald tires, brakes out of adjustment, turn signals not working, and the driver was operating without a wide load permit. Steering component issues were also located, suggesting a full steering failure of the truck was only a matter of time. The truck driver was also charged for failing to complete a mandatory pre-trip inspection prior to operating the truck. Inspection #2: Dundas Street, east of Appleby Line, Burlington, near John William Boich Public School. A decommissioned former fire tanker truck, used to haul water, was stopped and found to have inoperative brakes and a brake line clamped off due to previously leaking. Holes in the floor of the truck cab were also located along with an exhaust leak, which could pose a serious safety risk to the driver. The driver was also charged with operating a commercial truck with a standard G class passenger vehicle licence, along with a number of document and insurance issues. Inspection #3: Dundas Street at Rotary Way, Burlington, near Dr. Frank Hayden Secondary School. A loaded dump truck was stopped as officers observed severe tire deflation issues due to the truck's weight. An inspection located a fist sized hole in a rear tire along with mechanical issues related to the truck's drive shaft. The owners of these vehicles must complete repairs and re-certify and re-plate the vehicles, at their expense, before the vehicles can be placed back on the road. The Halton Regional Police Service encourages all area vehicle owners, ranging from passenger vehicle owners to commercial truck fleet operators, to ensure that their vehicles, passengers and cargo comply with all aspects of the Highway Traffic Act before setting out to their destination. The Halton Regional Police Service strives to be a leader in commercial vehicle safety in Ontario by focusing on enforcement, along with prevention and education, to elevate road safety. Commercial truck owners and operators with questions are encouraged to reach out to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Unit at and to follow our truck unit on Twitter @HRPSCMV for additional guidance and tips on safe trucks.


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