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Truck Knocks down Hydro Pole on School Lane in Acton

Truck Knocks Down Hydro Pole on School Lane in Acton

Earlier today on School Ln. leading up to Robert Little Elementary School and The Halton Hills Public Library, a third party small box truck's corner hit off of one of the hydro poles that subsequently damaged and knocked the hydro pole down.I had a chance to speak with the Construction Inspector on site.

No persons were injured and there was no disruption to the power or the lines other than the pole being knocked down. The construction crews are on site removing the damaged pole and getting "emergency locates" so they can re-install a new one.

This temporarily closed the road today (as the pole was directly across it) blocking traffic to and from the road, but the pole has since been removed and traffic is back open to the area, though there is still construction for the damaged pole and another project taking place.

We also reached out to Acting Sergeant of the Halton Regional Police Andy Purnell who said "The box of the truck clipped the hydro pole causing it to come down. No Charges were laid".

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