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Updates for website

Hey everyone,

I hope you are enjoying our site so far.

Within our first few days, we have had over 860 unique visitors, 998 Total visits, and over 1500 page views.

I am using this section to let everyone know of any changes to the site. We still have community pages to put up as we get content from our partners, and we are still branching out to new partners, which we have made 3 more since our site launch, including Food for Life, Halton District School Board, and Mayor Rick Bonnette.

If you or your charity or nonprofit would like to be included on our site, contact us a . This is totally free to any nonprofit or charity.

Basically, with this beta version of our site, I am trying to figure out the best flow for things and making sure everything works properly, rather than launching all at once to find out everything is wrong.

Once everything is UP and I can be assured it is all working properly we will be updating the content of the site more frequently.

Here is a list of changes we have made thus far. From new to old chronologically.

2nd Website Beta V 1.11

Obituary Page

  • Added obituary example

Births page

  • Added births example

Missing Pets

  • added missing pets example.

Changes to events and volunteer

  • Events and volunteer page separated into their own individual page

  • events listed Monday to Sunday for easier browsing

  • Changed wording for Inspire Halton volunteer post

2nd Website Beta V. 1.1

Changes to the weather app

  • changed weather app on the home page to default celsius (Hopefully)

  • added default celsius app on the weather page

Changes to homepage

  • resized recent posts

  • Resized featured articles

resized adds on mobile

social page

  • resized Facebook display

  • resized Twitter display

  • added social media icons

  • added facebook and twitter logo

  • linked facebook and twitter logo to our social media

  • fixed facebook like button

  • resized comment display

  • reconfigured mobile

  • resized mobile

  • added animations

Changes to post page

  • added Acton UP News Button to easily

  • linked Acton UP news button to news page

Changes to title bar (mobile)

  • Changed mobile bar to white

Changes to Births Page

  • Changed contact to submit email to easily submit pictures

Changes to Obituary

  • Changed contact to submit to email to easily submit pictures

Changes to Missing

  • Changed contact to submit to email to easily submit pictures

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