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Leathertown Festival 2023


August 13, 2023


Acton, Ontario

"2023 Acton Leathertown Festival: A Joyful Reunion of Community, Culture, and Craftsmanship"

Welcome to the photo gallery of the 2023 Acton Leathertown Festival—Halton Hills' Largest One Day Event! Celebrated annually, this year's event marked the second year since its highly anticipated return. Held on August 13th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, the festival was a vibrant blend of friends, family, food, and, most importantly, FUN! Browse through to witness the bustling vendor stalls, delectable food stands, exhilarating live performances, and the unity of the Acton community in this unforgettable day. From its roots in 1977 to its modern-day festivities, this year's Leathertown Festival beautifully encapsulated the spirit and resilience of Acton, Ontario. Come, relive the magic!

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