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4 more years of Chong, 4 more years of Trudeau

4 more years of Chong, 4 more years of Trudeau

Last night’s election saw incumbent Michael Chong (CON) win once again for another term as MP for Wellington Halton Hills.

After all 269 polls in Wellington- Halton Hills were calculated, Michael picked up 32801 votes giving him 47.7% of the votes.

Lesley Barron (LIB) received 28.29% of the votes, for a total of 19,455.

Ralph Martin (GRN) came third with 12.59% of the votes for a total of 8657.

Andrew Bascombe (NDP) had 9.23% of the vote, for a total of 6346.

Syl Carle (PPC) had 2.18% of the votes, for a total of 1501.

Even though Michael won, the evening was not quite as good as it could have been for him, with Justin Trudeau and the Liberals beating Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and winning the election with a minority government, picking up a total of 156 seats, even though conservatives had 34.44% of the popular vote, compared to the Liberals, 33.01%.

The total seats for each party are as follows.

Liberal 156

Conservative 122

Bloc Quebecois 32

NDP 24

Green 3

Last but not least, 1 Independent seat in Vancouver Granville going to Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former Attorney General and Justice Minister who was famously dismissed from the Liberal Caucus during the SNC- Lavalin scandal.

Voter turnout was slightly down this election, with 64.9% of Electors returning to vote, down 3.3% from the 2015 Federal Election.


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