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7 Year Old Acton Girl Decides To Take Her Family To Clean UP The Streets

In times of high tension the worst may come out in some, greed, anger, and selfishness. Still we can look just a little further and see others displaying positivity, hope, and inspiration. This was just what one young woman did. Jodi Hustler, A 7 year old Acton girl decided on her March break decided that she wanted to go outside and pick up garbage. Acton UP spotted Jodi, her father, and sister Kyla picking UP garbage in an Acton neighbourhood. 15 minutes later, we then saw them much further down the street with big bags full in hand, it was then Acton UP decided to stop to interview Jodi and her family to see what they were UP to. “ I Just saw a lot of garbage around the area and I didn’t feel good just seeing it like that.” said Jodi. Jodi then convinced her father to bring her and her sister out. “I just told him.” she explained. Great job to Jodi and her family for cleaning UP the streets.


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