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A Message from the CAO

A Message from the CAO

In accordance to Council’s direction, the budgetis built firstly, on maintaining current service levels. This includes maintaining our expanse of 447 kms of roads, 75 bridges and 238 km of sidewalks. Add to this, responsibilities for 7 recreational facilities, administrative buildings, 63 parks, 25 km of trails and over 5,000 catch

basins and you get a sense of some of the infrastructure the Town must manage.

This year’s road construction projects include phase two of Armstrong Avenue and the extension of Halton Hills Drive. Work will also continue on a number of planning studies including the Premier Gateway Phase 1B Secondary Plan, Employment Land Needs Study & the Intensification Opportunities Study.

The 2019 budget also allows us to continue supporting our community’s young people by allocating dollars to the youth centres, continue operating the ActiVan service and invest in our reserves per the 10-year Long Range Plan.

A notable budget inclusion is the advancement of the Fire Department’s Master Plan which will see the hiring of 5 new firefighters to allow for round-the-clock emergency response by full-time staff. While previously this service was reliant on part-time staff, the move to hire full-time employees ensures the Town is better prepared to respond to emergencies and keep the community safe.

Brent Marshall, Chief Administration Officer


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