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Acton Citizens' Band and High School Come Together

On Thursday evening musicians of all ages from Acton joined forces for a one-night spectacle that took place At Acton District High School.

The Acton Citizens Band and the Acton High School Concert Band came together in the Acton High School Cafeteria and concert hall to perform 8 songs, with 2 coming from each band, and then united to play four more.

With 25 musicians coming from Acton High, and 28 coming from the Acton Citizens’ Band, the night had a total of 53 musicians playing in unison.

Some of the songs for the evening included Baritone Boogie, Stairway to Heaven, Filum Vitae, Novena, Dynasty, the Theme from Spiderman and more.

For the joined mass band the conductors Jefferey Carr from the Citizens band, and Bailey Dugas took turns in the role.

The night featured music, food, and fun, you can check out some video footage and more photos below.


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