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Acton House League Hockey Scores (10/23/19)

ATOM Game 1: Scotiabank 2 vs Acton Rotary Club 5 Scotiabank: Goals: Damon Debski-2 Assists: Hunter Yeatman-1; Grayson DuToit-2 Acton Rotary Club: Goals: Max Sardina-4; Holden Bravener -1 Assists: Corbin Bauemler-4; Josh Cybulski-1 Carter Miles-1 Game 2: Dentistry on Sinclair 4 vs Acton Firefighters 5 Dentistry: Goals: Clifford Barret- 3; Cameron Chalmers 1 Assists: Cameron Chalmers-2; Francisco Radosevic-Huarte 1 Firefighters: Goals: Sam Andrews 3 Lincoln Bailey-1; Ryder LockHurst-1 Assists: Lincoln Bailey-2; Sam Andrews -1; Damon Leadbeater-1 Notes: Game 1 Luc Doherty of Rotary Club was a wall in the crease and Scotiabank could not buy a goal. Game 2 Dentistry was down 4-0 and came back and scored 4 unanswered goals and Firefighters scored the go-ahead with 64 seconds left in the game. Hard fought games by all teams some great hockey in Atom group this weekend. PEEWEE GAME ONE ************** Endzone Sports Rangers - 3 Atlantis Photography Canadiens - 1 Ranger Goals - Lucas Simoes, Benjamin Lancaster, Travis Parker Ranger Assists - Lucas Simoes, Travs Parker, Liam Rodine Canadiens Goal - Gavin LaSelva Canadiens Assist - Justin Crawford GAME TWO *************** T&R Paving Jets - 5 3 Musketears Bruins - 3 Jet Goals - TJ Schonnop 2, Jackson Baeumler 2, Kemper Bravener Jet Assists - Kemper Bravener, Matteo Doherty Bruin Goals - Andrew Cole, Brodie Manson, Cole Geldart Bruin Assists - Andrew Cole, Bradley Carter Bantam Acton Home Hardware – 5 Giant Tiger – 4 Home Hardware Goals: Josh Cheeseman (5). Assists: Christian Mac Rae (2), William Horne, Darcy Kelloway. Giant Tiger Goals: Daniel Andrews (3), Brandon Harriott. Assists: Liam Conlin, Justin Arsenault, Justin Verrette. Acton Precast – 6 Silver Creek Developments – 3 Acton Precast Goals: Noah West (3), Austin Durdle, Cameron Ford, Owen Brain. Assists: Aiden Macodrum, Owen Brain, Austin Durdle. Silver Creek Goals: Riley Dwyer, Justin O’Connor, Ronan Harrison. Assists: Ronan Harrison, Justin O’Connor MIDGET Domino's Pizza 1 Goals: Mikey Jankowski Assists: Kyle Mucin Nellis Construction 4 Goals: Jordan Caruso, Callum Pratt, Thomas Holmes, Liam Chalmers Assists: Kyle Thompson/Cantrill, Brandon Hatt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Local Motion Fitness 3 Goals: Chase Aditajs, Tanzil Khan, Thane Hofing Assists: Tanzil Khan, Chase Aditajs, Matthew Mowat, Sheldon Reid MacMillans 7 Goals: Brandon Schupp (4), Curtis King (2), Andrew Atkins (2), Jonah MacDonald Assists: Tyler Bartels (2), Devan Murray (2), Curtis Hopkins (4), Laughlin Keane (2), Curtis King, Zachary Timbers (2), Greg Barrett


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