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Acton Houseleague Scores for Sept 24th


Silver Creek Developments- 4

Acton Fire Fighters – 3

Silver Creek Goals: Michael Yake (2), Cooper Jackson, Justin O’Connor Assist: Colby Parsons. Fire Fighters Goals: Cole Fagan, Devan Murray, Chase Gallant Assists: Justin Verrette, Zackery Rhynold

Acton Precast - 2

Dominos Pizza – 1

Precast Goals: Kyle Dafoe, Jackson Vallance Assists: Jackson Vallance, Chris Tauer. Dominos Goal: Mark Jeffery


Nellis Construction- 2

Acton Rotary – 4

Nellis Construction Goals: Jordan Caruso (2)

Nellis Construction Assists: Johnny Pryszlak

Acton Rotary Goals: Chase Aditajs, Jack Timmerman, Laek Swain, Cian Dumas

Acton Rotary Assists: Brandon Aitcheson, Rowan Dwyer, Jack Timmerman (2), Laek Swain

Endzone Sports – 3

MacMillan’s - 2

Endzone Sports Goals: Brandon Hatt, Michael Holmes, Jacob Harmer

Endzone Sports Assists: William West, Curtis Hopkins, Gavin DeRoos

MacMillan’s Goals: Adam Coppola, Mattias Terpstra

MacMillan’s Assists: Brandon Schupp


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