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Acton Leathertown Festival is Coming Back for 2022

Forty-Five Years of Celebrating Canadian Craftsmanship Back in Person

Reconnecting is the theme of the Acton Leathertown festival that will be returning to Acton this August 14th, 2022. The Festival will be from 11 am to 5 pm on Mill St. E.

After two years of it being online due to Covid-19. The Acton Leathertown Festival will be bonding regional businesses to local residents and visitors who have not been at the festival in what seems like forever.

In 2020, the festival was held solely online due to the pandemic and in 2021 it was a more stripped down Leathertown Festival which was only on one street as opposed to all Downtown. This was partially in person and online. However this year will be once again the full shebang.

The family-friendly event is meant for the community to connect and gather, hence why the return to the in-person meetings will greatly benefit both the festival and the locals. Back in 2020, the Acton Leathertown Festival was awarded by the “top 100 festivals and events,” by Festival and Events Ontario for their previous 2019 festival. The Leathertown event coordinator Kim Ducanson remarks, “we are so thankful to the community and thank you so much to our sponsors. We look forward to seeing you this August.”

A live show will also be held at this year's Acton Leathertown festival where reconnecting is key. The event will focus on regional and local accomplished artists where live music and entertainment will be performed on stage.

The event this year will be filled with fun due to the changes of previous mandates allowing locals to gather in bigger groups and dine in! There will be downtown outdoor vendors and a pedestrian mall for Canadian and local-made items and goods. There will also be fresh produce from farms within the community; Acton restaurants and pizzerias will also be on-site alongside food concession stands. This year there will also be a car show where admirers will gather to view beautiful classic automobiles.

Kim Duncanson also comments, “we are always looking for new sponsors and vendors for the festival.” The Acton Leathertown Festival encourages individuals to get in contact with BIA Manager, Alex Hilson if they would be interested in being a vendor. The more local business to support, the better, for the festival is dedicated to connecting the town community partners and members.

Alex Hilson, Acton BIA Coordinator told Acton UP, "There is a lot of community excitement for the return of public events and we're looking forward to being able to help fill that space" he said, "It's time".

For more information regarding the festival, please reach out to event coordinator Kim Duncanson or view the Leathertown Festival website here.

Ales Hilson can be contacted at 519-853-9555 or at

Kim Duncanson can be contacted at 416-357-1500 or


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