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Acton Ministerial Group Brings Some Joy to Group Homes

The Acton Ministerial Association, which consists of all of the Christian Churches in Acton, partnered up with our local Tim Hortons to bring some cheer to the four adult group homes here in town. Donuts, cookies and of course the famous Timmy’s coffee was dropped off along with a bright potted plant and a card to the residents on Wednesday of this week.

Considering the Covid-19 outbreak, the ability for individuals living in group homes to go out to get their coffee and socialize has been severely impacted. In fact, many of the homes are not permitted to have residents leave as per provincial guidelines. Recognizing these limitations are exceptionally difficult, the churches of Acton looked for a way to reach out and let individuals living in group care know that they are valued members of the community and that they are missed. They sent along their love and prayers to the residents and gratitude for the work the staff there do around the clock. The doors churches of the in Acton may need to be closed but their hearts are not!

The Ministerial Association would like to give a big THANK YOU to the owners at Tim Hortons in Acton for their generous donation of the coffee and treats. They also would like to take the opportunity as well to thank the staff that keep the coffee perking and goodies cooking!! We are blessed in Acton to have such a dedicated business and workers serving us.


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