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Acton Minor Hockey Moves to Milton

Acton Minor Hockey Move In a surprise announcement this weekend, Acton House League Hockey Association announced a move and amalgamation with Milton Minor Hockey. Reasons given include lower attendance, rising arena costs and inability to find leaders for key positions. “We hate to do it, but it was time” said Bryan Richards, Public Relations for Acton House League. “Milton has more resources and stronger community support at the moment”. Despite some enthusiasm for the move from the organization’s leadership, other board members were ‘sad and angered’ with the move. In recognition of the pressing conditions leading to the amalgamation, those against the decision have decided to remain quiet in support of the organization as a whole. Like Acton’s Minor Hockey Association, Milton’s Minor Hockey Association is affiliated with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (O.M.H.A.) Acton has spawned one player to win a Stanley Cup. Art Moore was with the Ottawa Silver Seven between 1903 and 1906 when they were league champions. No Acton hockey players have made it since. Representatives from the Town of Halton Hills have said that they expect a comment to be made at Council later this month as Acton Minor Hockey was a major user of the Acton Arena. It’s unsure whether the new amalgamated league will be playing in Halton Hills or only Milton. “We’re disappointed to hear the news and will be talking with representatives from the organization to see if any provision can be made” said Jeff Charger, Associate Director of Maintenance for the Town of Halton Hills. “Hockey is an important part of our town’s culture and we want to do everything in our power to ensure our families can participate in it if they choose to”. Halton Hills and the community of Acton have a longstanding rivalry with Milton and critics think the move will degrade the quality of playing in town. “They couldn’t teach hockey in Milton when I was a kid and nothing’s changed now” said Bill Cunningham, a local resident. “If we let our kids drive down there to learn to play, we might as well throw out the chance of an Acton kid ever making it to the NHL again”. Acton Minor Hockey assures residents it will keep them updated as news of the amalgamation is released. “We thank everyone for their support and patience and we’ll be sure to communicate all information in a prompt and timely manner” said Bryan Richards from the club. April Fools

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