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Acton’s Farmers’ Market Location Confirmed

The Acton Farmers’ Market is all set to go for its second year, north on Willow Street in Acton, outside the Acton Town Hall Centre and BIA Offices. The 2020 start date is Thursday, June 4th. The Acton market has been a regular feature of the community for a number years but at different locations and under different management. The event started with the Acton BIA south on Willow Street. Then, under the leadership of Angela Tremblay—who own “Angie’s Kitchen”—it moved to Bethel Christian Reformed Church’s parking lot. Then, last year, it moved to its current site—north on Willow—with the Acton BIA once again getting involved in organizing it. This year, after a discussion with vendors last season, there was a suggestion to move the market to Prospect Park due to the number of people already attending the park and because of the natural atmosphere there, but that proposal was ultimately not pursued. “We received a lot of great feedback from the community when the idea got out there to move it to the park, but it ended up not being practical due to parking concerns and park usage from other community organizations during the times we would need it” said Alex Hilson, Acton BIA Coordinator. “As much as possible, we do listen to ideas from the community and we’re always willing to try an idea if we’re given the suggestion”. The BIA is also cognizant of the threat COVID-19 poses to all summer events. “We’re looking to our partners in this community and others. At the moment, we’re moving ahead as normal” continues Hilson. “If the event landscape is still challenging in May, we’ll discuss changes to the Farmers’ Market at that point”. This year, there will be both new and returning vendors and various different activities happening every week. For more information on the Farmers’ Market, residents are encouraged to follow the Acton BIA on social media and on their website—

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