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Acton’s new Ambition Performing Arts Centre looks to make “Triple threats”

Acton’s new Ambition performing arts centre looks to make “Triple threats”

A new dance studio is opening in Acton, but dance is just a part of it. Melinda Webb the owner of Ambitions performing arts looks to create “triple threats”, which translates to people who can sing, dance and act.

She is also keeping the safety of her students a primary concern, stating she has a : “1000 square ft dance studio, with a floor completely sprung, that is 65 percent absorbent and it gives an extra bounce. It is one of the things that set us apart, as lots of places don’t take into consideration the safety of their students. So they let them go on the concrete and on regular hardwood. It’s actually really bad, when a six year old grows up they have knee problems and they have hip issues.” Ambition Arts will offer stage acting and screen acting; “A lot of people think when you can act, you can act” says Melinda. “What they don’t know is everything from where you have to turn and face, from the way you project your voice, is different from screen to stage”. There is also a musical theatre class which will focus on acting, dancing and singing.

The site for the new Ambitions Performing Arts Centre also features a lobby, a 500 square ft. acting studio, an accessible washroom and years of dance experience.

“I am dance”, says Melinda. “To me dance is something inside of you, its a personality trait, its a passion, its something you love, its not something I do”. Melinda started dancing at the young age of two and has been a dance teacher for the last eight years. “I started competing when I was six years old. I went all the way through to university.“ She goes on too state “A couple years ago I met my business partners, and they own a performance art studio much like we do here. They opened up the musical theatre world, the acting world and the singing world to me. They made me realize as a dancer, there is so much more I needed to learn about the industry. I can go out there and be a dancer, but they will always ask you to sing or to do something else. They are really looking for that triple threat, and it really is something that isn’t offered.” There’s 100 dance studios, there’s 100 places to do vocal training, but there’s not a place where you can get all three from professional qualified teachers, and especially that does not exist outside of Toronto. So we are trying to be the premier out here in Halton Hills.” July 23 is the first week they are opening for camps, and they will have their grand opening August 9th from 6-9pm with a ribbon cutting and speeches.


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