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Build UP - to be under construction

So we’ve been procrastinating on doing this as our stats for the website have been amazing with us getting as much as 5000- 6400 unique visitors per month (with $0 put toward the websites promotion) which translates to 1250 to 1600 per week on average (which is a phenomenal start for our sized community) and just like our company everything has been going UP. We didn't want to lose momentum, BUT it needs to be done.

On Tuesday (tomorrow night), we will be ending the "beta phase" of our website and preparing and working to upload the full version. Tuesday will mark 2 months since we first uploaded the new beta version of our site.

When starting the website we knew we were taking extremely ambitious steps. We figured it is better to get our feet wet, and get all the pieces flowing and operating properly, rather than upload everything at once, to find out it was all wrong, and we are glad we did. We encountered various problems, from our website sizing, to our (old) weather radar, to the way our tags would show up endlessly, our search bar, our calendar and many more.

We think we have more or less figured out most of our technical and operational issues, with all the things previously mentioned being fixed and now it is more or less duplicating what we have already done on other pages of our site and applying it to the new pages.

We also feel we have gotten a good snapshot of stats to bring to potential sponsors, even if this is just the start. But if we want to make a serious go of this, which we do, there is still LOTS to be done.

When we come back, the idea is the site will be UP permanently and better than ever, with us adding more than 10 other pages (at least), including all of our community partners pages plus some whose logos are not up there yet. We will also be adding a music page by Monty, a dedicated page to police and fire, Season 3 of our episodes (which will be our best yet), a page for our news videos, more sports pages, hopefully adding at least 2 more writers and another photographer, and much, much more. Bio's for all our team members will also be UP, plus we have quite a few administrative things to deal with. We also want to take the time to optimize our social media beyond facebook and twitter.

So it may look publicly as if we are not working hard in this time, but we will be working harder than ever, as well as still curating news and recording footage for episodes and news shorts.

We want to really thank Acton and Halton Hills for your support, it's really been amazing and we are looking forward to continuing our journey UP with you.

Thanks everyone.


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