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Cannabis Q&A: Geoff Maltby

Cannabis Q&A: Geoff Maltby

1. Have you ever used Cannabis? And if so, what did you think of it? Back in Acton High School (35years ago) a few times, but it was not something that seemed to fit with me. 2. What is your current stance on Cannabis? I do understand it is of great help on a multitude of health issues and I do support Medical use of Cannabis. 3. Would you vote for Halton Hills to opt in, or opt out, or wait to opt in of the new legislation? Being a cautious farmer, I would be more for the opt in after - We should watch and see how other municipalities bring it in to be able to view any issues that arise. This would be a great asset for us. I may be convinced earlier if real assurances were in place to keep it at an arms length from our youth. 4. What is your opinion on Cannabis vs. Alcohol? Do you find one substance to be better, more harmful, or equal? Any substance used to excess is harmful, so I am of the mind to say as long as people use either in a responsible way and learn to use some form of public transportation, to move around if substances are being used there is no harm to our community. That being said I don’t believe either should be used in a manner that causes interruptions to the public or at gathering places. What people do in private is their business and just like alcohol we cannot have it hanging out on the street in front of our youth.

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