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Cannabis Q&A: James Waldbusser

Cannabis Q&A: James Waldbusser

James didn't number his responses, however he did write us back...

"Dear Chris,

Chris, I'm from the 60's. Cannabus was part of the culture. Never liked the feel it created; however, I was never critical of folks that enjoyed it and they in turn did the same.

Legalization of cannabis is long overdue. The decision for its production and distribution should be left up to local municipalities. Halton Hills residents need to be provided a public forum to decide on the production and retail of cannabis. Both retail and production of cannabus should be considered separately by the citizens of Halton Hills.

Both alcohol and the THC in cannabis are non-prescription drugs. The use of these drugs is left up to the consumer. Using any drug in a non-responsible manner can have negative consequences. Use of these drugs should be left up to the individual to decide.


James Waldbusser

Mayoral Candidate for Halton Hills"


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