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Cannabis Q&A: Jon Hurst

Cannabis Q&A: Jon Hurst

1. Have you ever used Cannabis? And if so, what did you think of it?

I have never used cannabis, although as I look back, maybe I should have on one or two occasions.

2. What is your current stance on Cannabis?

I am in agreement with the legalization of cannabis, although I am not fond of the current government’s roll-out. I would have preferred the LBCO model of sales, rather than what may become the “wild west” of private outlets. I also think the government is instituting what I would call “back door” downloading of the many decisions and responsibilities of cannabis growth, production, sale and policing directly to the municipalities. I also strongly disagree with cannabis smoking being allowed wherever cigarette smoking is allowed.

3. Would you vote for Halton Hills to opt in, or opt out, or wait to opt in of the new legislation?

I would not make any decisions without waiting for all of the government’s policies to come forward, followed by public input, a report from staff on the benefits and pitfalls specific to our community, and a lengthy discussion around the Council table.

4. What is your opinion on Cannabis vs. Alcohol? Do you find one substance to be better, more harmful, or equal?

I have no particular opinion on cannabis vs. alcohol.

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