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Cannabis Q&A: Peter Duncanson

Cannabis Q&A: Peter Duncanson

Peter did not directly answer the questions, however did take the time to write us back and give his response...

"Chris I realize that you asked individual questions and that I am not following your protocol in my answer. I felt more comfortable giving a statement than giving an answer to a question that I did not believe I had the knowledge to answer comfortably.

You and 10 others helped build Halton Hills Ward 1 (Acton) Municipal discussions and updates by sharing it, inviting people or writing posts when group was new.I grew up in an Ontario that did not allow any type of alcoholic beverages served or sold on a Sunday, even with dinner. There was also no shopping of any kind allowed on Sunday either. The uproar when both of these Victorian rules were rescinded was incredible. Looking back, most would find it hard to believe that it was ever that way. I believe that ten years from now, todays cannabis debates will be viewed in the same light. It will soon be legal in Canada. I highly doubt that we will ever go back. I would have preferred the LCBO was in charge of distributing it, as they have the experience and the distribution network. That has not happened. I was under the impression that the town had already decided to wait one year before making a decision on allowing cannabis retailing in Halton Hills. I personally would not do it that way. We are trying to attract new business to town, not send them to Guelph or Brampton. Lets use common sense and be cautious about how and where cannabis will be sold but lets not let opportunity slip by either."


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