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Cannabis Q&A : Ryan McLaughlin

Cannabis Q&A: Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan didn't answer the questions directly, however he did write us back with a response...

"This is a tough decision but I think we as community should opt in. Some communities around us have or will be opting in and you will be able to get cannabis delivered in the mail so thinking it is going away is not the right decision. Understandably, it will require by laws and input from town residents on where shore fronts should be located (i.e. away from schools). I feel there is an opportunity for new jobs and businesses opening in town bringing with them tax dollars. All across Ontario, there are many small communities that have embraced the new cannabis industry, creating many new stable high paying jobs which had previously left those towns. The upside potential of this industry is large and it will become the new norm as it becomes socially normalized. For people who have concerns about cannabis, we should consider if they also have issues with the LCBO or beer store? Both of these businesses even get to advertise and send you flyers advertising specials and recipes, however no one gets upset as its now acceptable socially and culturally. Alcohol has no medical upside and cannabis does. Medical professionals don’t recommend that cancer patients drink a beer to help with pain and loss of appetite, but they will recommend cannabis. "

Ryan also shared some links...


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