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Clark Somerville Seeks 3rd Term as Regional Councillor

Clark Somerville is an Acton local, born and raised, who has been representing Acton in Council since 1996. After two terms of being an elected Regional Councillor, Mr. Somerville, who prefers to go by Clark, has throw his hat in the race for another term in hopes of continuing his legacy.

Clark was kind enough to sit down with Acton UP and join us in an interview regarding his goals as a councillor. Clark started out with humble beginnings, attending the local Acton elementary school and high school and later attending Sheridan College as a ‘Hospitality Major.’ Clark became interested in politics at a very young age, “I was always interested in how people made laws,” says Clark, “and how they did that…how they could make the community safer and better.”

After being elected to Council in 1996, Clark understood the importance and significance of protecting his community of Acton.

“I could not change the world you know? But I wanted to make sure my little corner of it was safe and the best it could be. There is nothing better than that feeling of being able to help people. If somebody phones me, I am happy to help; I will hear them and try to provide an answer for them.”

We asked Clark why he was planning on rerunning for a role as councillor. He remarks,

“Five years ago I was finishing up as the President for the Federation of Municipalities and that was such a life-changing role for me to have. We will likely not have anyone from this area being elected again. After that, it really helped me renew the idea that I wanted to help shape how we will move forward as a town. In the last two years, everything has changed and now we have a new normal, people work from home. I would like to be around the table to guide how we move through these difficult times.”

Healthcare, climate change and employment are all things Clark is specifically concerned about. He is aware of the significant toll the planet has taken over the last decade and is making an effort to change the way Acton contributes to pollution. He comments,

“I always go through the budget and question why certain things are needed and if they are necessary or not. I am motivated by the things that need to change. Like right now we have labour shortages in Halton Hills and that's why working with groups like the BIA is so important.”

Most importantly, Clark believes that the local government needs to improve their engagement with the Acton community as they move forward. “We use online platforms to connect, like Zoom and such but I think we need to find a better way to connect with people.” Clark continues, “I want to have better communication with Acton and let them know what we are doing as a town. We should try to engage the public more and get them involved.”

Clark believes that community is extremely important and is what makes Acton so special, “we need to move as one and be fully transparent with one another.” Ultimately, Clark wants to keep people informed and in the know and he is always willing to speak with locals if they have any questions, comments or concerns.

To find more information about Clark Somerville, one can have a look at his Halton Hills page, here. He is happy to get back to anyone who has a question regarding his reelection, and is looking forward to carrying Acton and Halton Hills into the future.

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