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Climate Change Investment Fund Invites Applicants

HALTON HILLS, ON - In May 2019, Halton Hills Council passed a Climate Change Emergency Declaration and set the target of becoming a carbon neutral community by 2030. To support this goal, the Town has established a new Climate Change Investment Fund (CCIF) to support action by individuals, organizations and community groups in reducing their carbon footprints through mitigation and adaptation measures.

“This funding demonstrates our commitment to addressing climate change,” said Mayor Rick Bonnette. “All the climate change actions we take now to reduce our carbon footprint will make a difference today and tomorrow. Let’s work together to make a positive impact in our community for the health of the environment.”

Applicants are encouraged to apply to the CCIF for money to support actions which align with the Town’s community climate change initiatives (mitigation and/or adaptation). Applications can focus on any of the following areas: air quality, energy conservation/efficiency, environmental education, water conservation, waste reduction, green space enhancement, preserving natural assets, biodiversity, ecosystem (tree plantings, community gardens) etc.

Successful applicants can receive $2,000 from the funding budget of $15,000 available for 2021. Applications are due by Tuesday, August 3 and are welcome anytime in advance of the deadline. The CCIF application and guidelines are available at


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