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Climate Change Response Gets Town Charged Up

HALTON HILLS, ON – New electric vehicle (EV) chargers have been installed at the Town Hall parking lot as part of the municipality’s response to the climate change emergency. The addition of two new EV charging station marks a total of 20 chargers available at Mold-Masters SportsPlex, Acton Arena and Halton Hills Hydro. The Town aims to further expand the availability of EV charging stations at Town facilities and municipal public parking lots over the next two years.

“The installation of the EV chargers is a natural step in the municipality’s climate change efforts to demonstrate support for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles,” said Councillor Jane Fogal. Adding, “I have been driving a hybrid car for 15 years but I bought my first plug-in hybrid one year ago. Since then my gas consumption has averaged 1.3 litres/100 kms. Although I am saving on the cost of fuel, the biggest benefit is knowing that I have reduced my GHG emissions.”

SouthWestern Energy, an affiliate of Halton Hills Hydro managed the installation of the chargers which are available to staff and Town Hall visitors. Two parking spots in the northwest corner of the visitor parking lot, near the entrance to town hall will be reserved for electric vehicle parking.

Use of the chargers will cost $2.00/hour with revenue directed to offset the cost of the associated electricity and to support the Town’s action on climate change.

“The installation of the EV chargers is yet another initiative towards meeting our commitment to address the Climate Change Emergency,” said Mayor Rick Bonnette. “Even though we are in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis, the Town is maintaining its vigilance and priorities related to climate change. We are in this for the long term.”

Questions about the EV charging stations should be directed to Michael Dean, Senior Climate Change and Energy Planner at 905-873-2600, ext. 2365 or via email to:

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