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COVID-19 Mitigation Measure: Town Hall closes to public

Business continuity may look a little different with the closure of Town Hall to the general public but work is still getting done. That’s the message that Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Brent Marshall gave to staff when he advised that the Town Hall would be closed to the public effective March 18. The announcement marks the closure of all municipal facilities including the Robert C. Austin Operations Centre and fire stations with the department continuing its regular emergency response duties to safeguard the community. An earlier announcement noted the closure of recreational facilities and libraries.

Residents/employers with urgent matters requiring immediate attention may call Service Halton Hills at 905-873-2600 or 1-877-712-2205 to make an appointment.

The decision to close Town Hall was made in consultation with Mayor Rick Bonnette who was quick to state that “Of course we are prioritizing, but much of the Town’s work is still getting done. We are doing things differently as the majority of our technical and indoor staff will work from home and other employees redeployed as possible.”

The CAO noted that the decision to close Halton Hills’ Town Hall aligns with the actions taken by the City Of Burlington and Towns of Milton and Oakville. “We’re in a strong position to continue with business in a new normal sort of way” said the Mayor.

Information about Town operations, programs and services can be found on the Town’s new COVID-19 web page, at Residents with questions regarding recreational programs, registration fees or their account status may contact the Registration Hotline at 905-873-2600 extension 2275 or via email to

Updates will be posted at, via the Town’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and the program hotline at (905) 873 2600 extension 2275 every Friday until regular business operations resume.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, Town staff has been regularly cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces in facilities, providing hand sanitizer throughout facilities and at service counters. Fire personnel are taking extra precautions in thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting equipment and apparatus.


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