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Dairy protest at Georgetown Saputo

Dairy protest at Georgetown Saputo

Mariah Noelle founder of Georgetown Cow Save, as well as Brampton Chicken Save. Mariah says “Georgetown Cow Save is a part of The Save Movement, a worldwide network of over 400 groups that bear witness and outreach for non-human animals and their rights. Georgetown Cow Saves is run on love based activism - we hold outreach events to help educate the public on the dairy industry and how heartbreaking and unnecessary it all is. We hold our outreach outside of Saputo Dairy - even though there are no cows present on the site, this is where their milk ends up.”, she continues “we hope by having a presence there we can get people think about their choices and the impact it makes in the lives of others and our world.”On May 26, 2018 the group met and displayed signs with sayings such as “Their milk not yours” and “Dairy tears families apart”.

Daniel, who was also protesting stated their reasons for protest “Pretty much what we want to do here is reverse the misconception that 1. Happy cows make milk. 2. That veal and the dairy industry are not connected, which they are. And 3. That milk is healthy, which it is not.” Daniel went on to state “So basically, we will come out here, maybe once or twice a month, and just outreach to the commuters”

Furthermore, amongst the protesters were some children who also felt strongly and spoke passionately about the subject, “We’re here for the sake of helping the animals and making sure that the world can change and be a better place for the animals, because their in places, in slaughterhouses getting like, [sic] killed just to have an unhealthy meal on your plate”. Adeline stated.

They were also proud to state they had 166 honks (that they were counting) which grew by the time we left. Amongst the 166+ honks, there was only one rude person who shouted obscenities as they drove by.Saputo is the ninth biggest dairy producer in the world according to, producing 7.7 million tons, with a dairy turnover of $8.6 billion (USD). They employ over 15,000 employees.

Saputo did not respond to our numerous attempts for comment.

You can check out the video and interviews here...


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