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Fatal Diagnosis for Infant Amidst COVID-19. Georgetown Family Fights for Son's Life

Hope For Lincoln For most of us learning to deal with the day to day during a pandemic has been a struggle. For one local couple and their infant son, that struggle multiplied. Georgetown residents Andrew and Cheryl Herbert took six-month-old Lincoln to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children on April 8 at the advice of their pediatrician. He was “extremely irritable”, says Andrew, and some of his skills had started to regress. They thought it was colic, or stomach acid, basically some extreme tummy trouble. Then, within 24 hours their world changed, as Lincoln was diagnosed with a Lysosomal storage disease known as Krabbe Disease. “This disease makes his brain attack the nerves in his body as his brain slowly deteriorates. He does not possess enough enzymes in his brain to eat away the bad parts of his brain cells as he grows. This is a fatal disease and he has been given an average of two years to live”. Andrew explains on the GoFundMe page he created April 19. Due to COVID-19, Ronald McDonald House wasn’t available, so the couple has had to stay in a nearby hotel. While they hope to be able to bring Lincoln home to Georgetown later this week, there is still much work to be done to stabilize his pain and anti seizure medications. Expenses are adding up. Also because of COVID-19, Lincoln is only permitted to have one parent at a time in his room. Meanwhile, Andrew and Cheryl dream of time they call all be together and make memories. Andrew was both shocked and grateful to hear that the GoFundMe page had raised over $3000 in a matter of hours. Those wishing to donate to “Hope for Lincoln” can do so at the link here.


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