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Fire at Cody’s Cows / Maltby Stables

Tonight (22/06/22) at approximately 7pm there was a fire inside the house at Maltby Stables and Cody’s Cows located at 13959 3rd line, Churchill Rd N, Acton, Ontario. According to Geoff Maltby the Halton Hills Fire Department took an estimated "15 minutes" to arrive on scene. No one was injured, however, electricity and water connections had been damaged, as they ran through the house. The Maltby’s are currently awaiting for an ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) representative so they can get everything reconnected. Geoff Maltby, Owner of the property told Acton UP, “Evidently there was a fire, looks like it started electrical, quasi theory is maybe the mice, cause we had to hire a pest control company to kill a bunch of mice this spring, and we’re thinking maybe they chewed wires and they crossed, and it started in the wall.” Thankfully no one (livestock included) was injured, Geoff says “No one was hurt, my dad wasn’t living here, he is in the home now, we were actually having done a renovation so we can pay for him being in the home. It’s just going to take a little longer now”. Geoff does mention that Cody’s Cows may be closed for a couple days as they get things repaired, however Shanna Maltby, also Owner, says, “We may be having a fire sale if we can’t get things hooked up soon”. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on any forthcoming store information and updates.


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