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Five Candidates for Wellington/Halton Hills

Five Candidates for Wellington/Halton Hills With elections right around the corner Canadians are preparing to make their selection for their riding. Here is a list of all the candidates and their party. Conservative - Michael Chong (Incumbent) Michael Chong grew up in Fergus Ontario. Chong went to both University of Toronto and Trinity College where he studied politics, history and philosophy. Later, Chong went on to work at Canadian Tire, Barclays Bank and Research Capital Corporation. Chong first ran for Parliament in the 2000 election where he lost in the Waterloo/Wellington riding. Chong was later elected to Parliament in the 2004 election and has been the MP of Wellington/Halton Hills riding ever since. Conservative website: Liberal - Dr Lesley Barron Dr. Barron, is a Surgeon, mother of three, and your Liberal Candidate. She attended University of Western Ontario (now known as Western University) where she graduated in 1996. Her training to be a Surgeon was done at University of Calgary. She also obtained a Master's Degree in medical research from University of Birmingham. Before moving to her practice in Georgetown; where she was the first female general surgeon to join the Georgetown Hospital, she worked as a Surgeon in Australia for five years. Lesley’s experience as a Health Care Practitioner has made her a promoter of Canada’s health care system among other issues. Liberal website: Green Party - Ralph Martin Ralph is a proud father, an experienced scientist, bus driver, truck driver, and life insurance agent. He is also a Professor at the University of Guelph and a Founding Director of the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. Ralph has been involved in the Green Party for over a decade, previously campaigning for Elizabeth May in Pictou Co, Nova Scotia, and by phone for May’s first BC campaign. Green Party website: Sylvain Carle - People's Party Sylvain better know as “Syl’ was born in Montreal and later came to Ontario. Syl has been an active member of politics since 2007, and became a founding member of the PPC. Syl wants to “remind our government that it is an employee of the People and not our owner.” PPC website: NDP- Andrew Bascombe With Andrew just being announced September 12, there is little we know about him. So Acton UP dug UP some information on his Facebook. As a youth he attended Ascension of Our Lord Secondary School in Mississauga. He also attended St. Joseph’s Convent in St. Georges, Grenada, and has studied at Humber College North Campus. This September he just recently Celebrated seven years married to his wife. NDP website: Which candidate do you think would best represent you in Wellington-Halton Hills?


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