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Georgetown Residents Invited to Provide Feedback on Proposed 640-Unit Residential Development

Georgetown, Halton Hills - A public meeting was held on February 13, 2023, to discuss the proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments for a development of one 8-storey and two 12-storey residential condominium buildings containing a total of 640 units at 1 Rosetta Street and 6 & 8 Saint Michaels Street. The meeting was held to gather additional comments and feedback from the community.

The proposed development has been submitted by 1 Rosetta Street (Halton Hills) GP Ltd. and seeks the necessary approvals to build the residential condominium buildings with two levels of underground parking and an interior park. The development has generated concerns among the public and Town staff, including traffic, pedestrian safety, shadowing and visual impacts, privacy, impacts from railway operations, construction impacts, relationship of the buildings to the street, pedestrian connectivity, parking, vehicular access and additional noise/vibration and adequacy of existing facilities and infrastructure.

Aerial view of subject land.

As of the date of the meeting, one letter of objection was received from a resident in the neighbourhood. Town and external agency staff have also identified additional concerns regarding the proposal.

The purpose of the meeting was to obtain additional comments and feedback from the community. Any additional comments received are to be thoroughly reviewed, evaluated, and included in the final Recommendation Report to Council at a later date. The report and all agency and public comments will be referred to staff for further consideration.

Multiple residents also tuned into or attented the meeting to voice their issues with the development, which mainly arose surrounding population density and traffic .

Resident Lynne Baillie said, “How do you not think 640 units will not seriously affect traffic in this area?”

Resident Camren Ellis phoned into the meeting to object to the development, voicing his displeasure with the safety of the rail way, “I believe Metrolinx are going to provide a third line running through Georgetown which will be a electrification line, obviously there will be a third rail running through which is gonna be electrified, and if there’s going to be young children running through there its going to be very dangerous.” Ellis also stated concerns regarding the impact to population density and parking stating, “This development will put approximately 5% of the population in a very small area.”

Scott Catton, Senior Project Manager of Paradigm Transportation Solutions who is consulting on the project responded to traffic concerns, “As part of this application we completed a traffic impact study, which assesses the impacts of site generated traffic.” Catton said “There are some existing capacity issues occurring at River and Mountain, which is the signalized intersection to the east, and those capacity issues are not direct result of site generated traffic, but rather, existing traffic or the expected growth in non site related traffic. So to address capacity concerns we have identified a few recommendations that the town can consider to help alleviate the forecast capacity issues.“

The public meeting was held to gather additional feedback and comments, which will be considered in the final Recommendation Report to Council. The substance of the meeting will determine the next steps in the development process. Staff will be reporting at a later date with a recommendation for council’s consideration. If residents wish to receive further information, they are asked to contact Senior Planner, John McMulkin.

3D rendering of the proposed residential development


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