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Halton Council Approves Dog Walking Lanes

Dog Walking Lanes Coming to Halton by September 2023

On Monday, March 28th, the Halton Council approved the “Dog Walkie” pilot project that will start consultation within the next few days. Within Halton, there will be major construction in order to provide a dog walking lane between ongoing traffic and the sidewalk. Milton, Oakville, Acton and Georgetown will all be included in this expansion and the majority of the community is looking forward to the outcome of the project. Councillor Paris Follo discusses with Acton UP what the community members should expect regarding the “Dog Walkie”,

“We wanted to create a specific lane for dogs and their owners. Oftentimes, joggers, bikers and those walking have to move around those who are walking their dogs. Rather than having to share the sidewalk, the council decided to approve a project that creates a separate lane for those who are walking their dogs.”

The expansion of the road will create construction in major intersections within Halton and the council is certain that Halton will be patient with the project. Councillor Follo continues, “there will be major fines for those who are walking in the dog walking lane without a dog.” A maximum fine of 5,000 dollars will be fined to those who are walking in the lane without a dog. One can also be fined if they do not pick up their dogs' fecal matter, or if you are walking a cat or other animal.

April Sokje, resident of Oakville, shares her opinions with Acton UP, she comments “I am so excited to have a specific lane for me and my dog Barney. I think this expansion is a long time coming and now I do not have to worry about crazy bikers hitting us.”

Although Sokje is looking forward to this new project, Phil Arius of Georgetown is not so impressed. Phil comments,

“Never in my 50 years of living in Georgetown have I heard of something that wastes the communities money as much as this. That is what sidewalks are for! Now I have to walk my dog in another section because of the government? I think it's more dangerous to be closer to the road anyway! Makes no sense.”

Downtown Acton BIA manager Alex Hilson tells Acton UP “It’s important to have a variety of different tools for residents to get around town. Active living is a crucial aspect to any community”.

Councillor Follo explains that the dog walking lanes will have a guard rail on either side in order to protect the dog walkers from ongoing traffic along with young people on skateboards and children playing. Follo comments, “this project will take some time, but we hope this will make a significant change for the community.”

Another local who is excited about this project is a Milton community member who prefers to remain anonymous,

“I personally believe this is the best project the Halton government has put out in years. I have been writing to the council since my neighbours got their dogs. It has been a major issue sharing the tiny sidewalks. Their dogs are big and use the sidewalk as their bathroom and then I have to clean it because my neighbour refuses to. It is about time!”

The project is set to start consultation by April 4th and is expected to be completed by September 2023. APRIL FOOLS


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