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Halton District School Board Students Excel at 63rd Annual Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair

Hamilton, ON - Students from Halton District School Board (HDSB) showcased their scientific talent and innovation at the 63rd annual Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair (BASEF) held last week at Mohawk College in Hamilton. The HDSB students brought home an impressive 105 prizes, awards, and scholarships, awarded to 52 different projects in the competition. The fair, which saw significant support from sponsors and charitable donors, distributed approximately $175,000 worth of cash prizes, awards, and scholarships to participating students. Among the top winners from HDSB was Anthony Efthimiadis, a Grade 8 student at W. H. Morden Public School, who was awarded the Primary Fluid Systems Pinnacle Third Best in Fair and the Canada-Wide Science Fair Award for his project, "Development of an AI Convolutional Neural Network for Diagnostic Screening of Basal Cell Carcinoma." Five other HDSB students were also recognized with Canada-Wide Science Fair Awards, which include an invitation to the prestigious event taking place from May 14-19, 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta. These students are:

  • Maya LeBlanc, a Grade 10 student at Abbey Park High School, for her project on "Nitrous Oxide Reduction in an Industrial Wet Scrubber Utilizing NosZ Reductase and P. denitrificans."

  • Jacob LeBlanc, a Grade 8 student at Pilgrim Wood Public School, for his project on "Sustainability Metrics For Consumer Products Using Open Source Data, Python and QR Code Technology."

  • Siqi Tan & Yuewen Li, Grade 7 students at W.H. Morden Public School, for their project on "CRISPR: Ensuring a Memorable Future."

  • Imran Allarakhia, a Grade 7 student at W.H. Morden Public School, for his project on "Social Robots in the Classroom: Detection and Active Support for Student Emotions."

  • Brian Yin, a Grade 10 student at Iroquois Ridge High School, for his project on "Student Engagement Rewards System."

These outstanding achievements demonstrate the continued dedication and hard work of Halton District School Board students, who are continually pushing the boundaries of scientific research and innovation. The entire HDSB community is proud of these young scientists and looks forward to celebrating their achievements as they continue their journey to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Edmonton.


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