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Halton Healthcare Announces New Geriatrician Serving Halton Hills

Halton Healthcare is pleased to welcome Geriatrician, Dr. Monia Hamouda to Georgetown Hospital. Dr. Hamouda joins Halton Healthcare as part of a strong team focused on geriatric and specialty services for seniors to support the aging population of Halton Hills.

“Dr. Hamouda’s endearing and compassionate approach coupled with her extensive experience is instrumental in helping us grow our Geriatrics Program,” says Dr. Craig Carson, Associate Chief of Staff, Georgetown Hospital.

“As Geriatricians, we specialize in caring for aging adults who generally have a number of complex medical conditions, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease,” explains Dr. Hamouda. “Many may also have some mental health challenges. Instead of treating each condition separately, it’s crucial that we look at and understand the whole picture. My goal is to optimize their health so they can live their best life.”

“Each elderly patient is unique, with their own distinct health history, experiences and expectations. I like to take my time and really get to know my patients - ask the right questions, do the right assessments and work with their family and other healthcare providers so we can create a customized care plan that respects their wishes. Sometimes that means making compassionate exceptions,” adds Dr. Hamouda. “For instance, what’s the harm in giving a 90-year-old patient with diabetes an ice-cream treat on a special occasion? Why would you deprive them of that joy?”

“We are looking forward to having Dr. Hamouda on our team - her expertise is invaluable. In addition to providing clinical care within the outpatient Geriatric Assessment Clinic at Georgetown Hospital she will also be here to support inpatient consultations,” explains Dr. Greg Thomson, Halton Healthcare’s Medical Director of Rehab, Geriatrics, Transitions & Integrated Care.

“Adding a Geriatrician with Dr. Hamouda’s expertise at Georgetown Hospital will help us better support aging patients and their families living in our community,” notes Monica Bettazzoni, Chief Operating Officer of Georgetown Hospital, “We’re happy to have her on our team.”

Dr. Hamouda completed her specialized training at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Over the course of her career, she served as head of the Geriatrics Department at Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre as well as Assistant Professor at the University of Sherbrooke, both in Moncton, New Brunswick. She has a special interest and extensive experience in rehabilitating stroke and falls patients as well as working with those with delirium, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

“I consider it a great privilege to work with the elderly and their families and help them transition through what might be the most difficult time of their lives. Bringing a little comfort, hope or joy to them is extremely satisfying,” says Dr. Hamouda.

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