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Halton Hills About to Experience the Soviet Influence

The Soviet Influence frontman and Limehouse resident Peter Snow is releasing a new album on Friday, January 29. The album titled, ‘Socialism: an Introduction’, will be dropped simultaneously on a number of streaming and social media sites and will be available on the group's Band camp web site for sale and download

The album contains nine original cuts penned by Snow, that would be considered in the Indie Rock mold, although the author dislikes that designation. “We have been called prog-rock in 4/4 time,” he asserts. But 90's grunge-rock influences like Nirvana and Soundgarden resonate on some of the cuts and their single and YouTube video, ‘Oh Not Tonight'.

However, the band is not to be pigeon-holed. Driving guitars and quirky melodies fuelled by what Snow calls “leftist fervour,” comprise the majority of the tracks that thematically touch on social justice and community building among other topics. Snow attributes the band's diversity to seminal precursors like Broken Social Scene, the Smiths, Radiohead, Tragically Hip and even Bruce Cockburn. In fact, Snow's vocals are strikingly reminiscent of David Byrne of Talking Heads.

The band worked with a producer, David Partridge of Helm Recording in Oakville. The compilation was done remotely and this was a new experience for the team. “The album was written and recorded during the early months of the pandemic. I was at home with my three children and found myself really motivated and inspired to make music. So I would write parts, record them in my basement and then send them out to the band for their input and parts. It was simpler than I might have expected. We also managed to have the odd practice when the lockdowns were decreased,” he said.

The Soviet Influence is scattered around the region, another reason for the digital production process. Drummer Blake Morey lives in Guelph, Bassist Peter Morey resides in Kitchener, and guitarist Ty Mackenzie is in Milton. Snow, himself, holds a Masters in Social Work, and works as a psychotherapist from his home next to the Bruce Trail. His wife's family has been in Limehouse for generations.

The album artwork was done by Caillin Kowalczyk of Lovesick Designs and is a send-up on old school textbooks. “During the lockdowns we also managed to play some live streams, record a two song live performance and make a video for our song 'Oh Not Tonight,'” said Snow. “It's a bit rough without being able to gig, but we are making due. We have some plans for more live streams in the future, but nothing is definite until the lockdown is lifted.”


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