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Halton Hills Community Hall To Be Renamed in Honour of Former Mayor Rick Bonnette

The Halton Hills Council has announced the renaming of the Community Hall at the Acton Arena and Community Centre in honour of former Mayor Rick Bonnette. The decision, which was made at a meeting held on March 6, 2023, was met with unanimous approval from the council.

According to the Town’s Facility Recognition Program, the renaming of the community hall serves as an opportunity to recognize significant contributions from individuals, corporations, businesses, or groups by naming rooms within Town facilities. Former Mayor Bonnette was recognized for his exemplary service to Halton Hills residents over 19 years as Mayor and 18 years as a Regional Councillor and 3 years as a local Councillor.

Photo: Community Hall at Acton Arena to be renamed

Councillor Clark Somerville put forward the proposal to rename the Community Hall in honour of former Mayor Bonnette, and it was met with unanimous approval.

Speaking on the decision, Councillor Hilson said, “Mayor Bonnette has served our Town and represented our community outstandingly over the last couple decades. This honour is well deserved.”

Councillor Somerville told Acton UP, “Rick has worked hard for Acton and all of Halton Hills. He was coached by Harold Townsley and worked with Ron McKnight. It is a great place for us to recognize Ricks achievement in the most appropriate place. An Arena!”

Rick Bonnette was not available for comment at time of publishing.

Former Mayor Bonnette's many accomplishments include leading the charge against proposals to build a 400 series highway through town, saving the Georgetown Hospital, and gaining international recognition for his work in speaking out against the “Buy American” movement. He was also a recipient of Ontario’s Long-Standing Service Award in 2008 and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

As part of the renaming process, staff will finalize the name of the room in consultation with former Mayor Bonnette, the Mayor, and the CAO. Additionally, new signage will be affixed and facility communications updated to reflect the new name.

The renaming of the Community Hall serves as a tribute to former Mayor Bonnette's contributions to the community and is a testament to his legacy.

Editors note: Addition to article regarding Rick Bonnette, March 7

Acton UP spoke with former Mayor Rick Bonnette regarding the naming, “ I am truly humbled and honoured. I want to thank the council and in particular Councillor Somerville and Mayor Lawlor for moving the motion forward as well as those councillors who spoke in favour. It’s very touching to have the Community Room named after me as during my 40 years of office I always stood for community. I spent a lot of time in ball hockey, ice hockey coaching and fundraising for the Acton arena and the recently two ice pads in Georgetown. It’s perfect. “


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