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Halton Hills Family Supports Community Through New Song

One Halton Hills family has come together during the COVID-19 pandemic and turned a tough situation into a creative one through music. Formed by two brothers—Zachary and Rocco—Continenza Jazz has a strong desire to help as many people as possible. Setting out to write a new piece of music, the brothers started with piano, added lyrics and finished by including their brother Jacob on bass guitar. The end result is their debut single—‘Together We Will Be Strong’. Noah, another Continenza brother, publicized the song and provided technical support. The vision for the song was to support those currently struggling by bringing them joy. It offers a kind reminder that they are enough and can overcome anything with strength. “Together We Will Be Strong” was released April 17th, 2020, on Youtube and will soon be added to Apple Music and Spotify. The response Continenza Jazz has received from the song has been very positive. “We want this song to reach as many socially distanced people as possible and we need your help to do it” said the group in a release. “Please feel free to post and share this song to help it reach even more people then it already has”. The Youtube link to ‘Together We’ll Be Strong’ is About Continenza Jazz Continenza Jazz is a GTA based iconic duo in many genres including The Great American Songbook, as well as Country, Blues, and Contemporary Styles. Its goal is to embrace the power of music to help people cope with anything happening in their life. It consists of two talented musicians—Zachary Continenza and Rocco Continenza. Zachary is a long-time pianist who started playing at the age of five. Since then, he has studied classical piano. Due to his interest in piano, he decided to pursue it as a career and degree. He was admitted to the prestigious York University Jazz Program where he thrived and received musical awards. He has just graduated and plans to attend a Faculty of Education to become a licensed teacher while simultaneously teaching piano part-time in the evenings. Rocco was raised in a musical environment and started studying trumpet and singing at age nine. Realizing he had a talent and a passion for music. Rocco went on to graduate from the Humber College Music Program for trumpet and vocals. Since then, Rocco has thrived by performing in Continenza Jazz. He has also performed with The Royal Regiment of Canada on trumpet, The Jazz Rangers, and the Halton Jazz Singers.


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