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Halton Hills to Amalgamate with Peel

Halton Hills to Amalgamate with Peel

Well it may not be exactly what was wanted when Halton Hills said it didn’t want to amalgamate with the rest of Halton, but, after much consultation, the Provincial Government thought this would be what’s best for Halton Hills, Peel and of course Ontario.

In what seemed to be a surprising decision, the announcement came early in the morning this April 1st 2019.

A decision confirmed today, that not only will Halton Hills amalgamate with Peel, but free transit provided by the tax savings will be implemented to help better connect Halton Hills with its now much closer neighbour, Brampton.

Originally on March 6 the provincial government published its plans to make municipalities more efficient.

Steve Clark Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing said “Our government is committed to improving the way regional government works. After almost 50 years, it’s time to consider whether changes are needed in communities where populations have grown, and hard-earned taxpayers’ dollars are being stretched.”

“The goal is that these municipalities are working well and supporting the future economic prosperity of residents and businesses.”

This is part of the Provincial Government’s Plan to get municipalities “working harder, smarter and more efficiently”.

Subsequently the Provincial Government consulted with local municipalities, members of council and the public via an online poll, which was closed early last night, as it was not “gaining traction” in the way the Government would of liked to see.

“People love polls, dance polls, barber polls, I have no idea why our online poll didn’t do well” said Anitia Kalkolator, Minister of Statistics.

Today after the announcement multiple Ministers were boasting of the new plan.

“Halton Hills will now be Peel, in the end, the taxpayers win”, said Seymour Cutz, Minister of Efficient Spending.

“It just makes sense connecting Halton Hills with Peel. It’s actually geographically closer to Brampton than it is Milton”.

The remaining parts of Halton, Oakville, Burlington and Milton, would be joining with Hamilton and remain Halton.

The only question now, is what do we call the new Mega Municipality?



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