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Halton Volunteers are Sew Amazing - Sewing for Healthcare

There is a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care staff in our community. The Hospitals are required to use new (not expired), sealed, packages of masks, gloves and protective goggles. But what about the rest of the medical field? The community health care workers, clinics and physicians who aren’t in the hospitals but still have patients requiring medical attention? Instead of wearing street clothes to visit patients they are now required to dress in cap, gown, mask and gloves, similar to an operating room. Dr. Nadia Alam, a family doctor in Georgetown, is overseeing the organization of community drives that can provide much needed PPE to community health care staff in Halton Hills. One branch, the Halton Hills PPE Sewers Group, is busy sewing gowns and caps to be used by healthcare workers seeing patients in different settings in the community. This Facebook Group currently has 184 members. The patterns used are simple and easy to follow for beginners. A basic gown takes just one twin size sheet. This is a great way to recycle used, clean sheets. Sewers of all levels are welcome to join. The group also has supporting members who have joined to help by purchasing sheets and fabric online or in stores that remain open and donating them to the sewers. St John Ambulance will be collecting the gowns and caps. They will be taken to the Halton Hills Town Hall to be stored and distributed. If you have a sewing machine and some time you can help protect those working to protect us by joining the Halton Hills PPE Sewers Group.


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